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Business Phone and
Virtual Receptionist Services

Missed calls are costing you customers. Spacr has partnered with Alliance to provide live US-based Virtual Receptionists to handle the calls so you can focus on what matter most, your business!  

Woman with dark brown hair in a professional blouse speaking to someone on a cell phone while looking at a computer.
A man in a blue t-shirt in a repair shop on the phone.

Business Phone Solutions

Separate personal calls from business calls with a dedicated business number and a powerful cloud-based phone system. Keep your personal number private and connect your business with the world, effortlessly.

A woman on a headset looking at a computer.

Live Receponist Services

Constant calls are distracting. How do you know if that next call is a valuable lead or just another robocall? With our Live Receptionist service, every call is personally answered and screened, which means fewer distractions and more time to focus on your business.

Build Credibility with a professional business number

Is your business connected by personal cell phones? Onboard new people with a centralized communications system that connects your team and strengthens your brand. Our friendly support staff is here to help set you up, quickly and easily.

Construction Managers

Strengthen your customer call experience with our friendly, professional service.

Responsive businesses make stronger impressions, which lead to successful relationships and loyal clients. Our Live Receptionist service provides friendly, professional call answering that gives your callers the service and dedication they expect, letting you get back to business free of distractions.

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