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Boost Your Google Reviews Easily with the Revu Card by Spacr: The Best Solution for Small Businesses to Get 5-Star Reviews  


Great for smaller companies with just few employees that need to collect reviews or do some networking.

$20 / Month

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Step 1 - Share

Share your REVU Card with your customer. 

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Step 2 - Tap

Simply tap the phone to the REVU Card.

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Step 3 - Rate

They will be redirected to the google review page.

In today's digital landscape, Google reviews have become the number one ranking factor for small businesses, playing a crucial role in attracting new customers and building trust. The importance of a strong online presence cannot be overstated, as potential customers often turn to Google to gauge the credibility and quality of a business through its reviews. The Revu Card offers an incredibly easy and effective solution to gather more reviews and enhance your Google ranking. With the Revu Card, directing your customers to leave a review is as simple as a tap, seamlessly guiding them to your Google review page. Empower your business with more positive reviews and watch your visibility soar with the Revu Card, by Spacr.

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Boy Raising Hand

Five Star Reviews

Get Reviews Easily for Your Business


Reviews Made Easy

Getting reviews with the Revu Card is incredibly simple. Just hand the card to your customers, and with a quick tap, they are instantly directed to your Google review page. This seamless process makes it easy for customers to leave positive reviews, helping to boost your business's online reputation effortlessly.


The Math of High Rankings

To combat a single one-star review, you typically need about three five-star reviews to raise your average rating to four stars. Consistently collecting positive reviews is essential for maintaining a high ranking and visibility on Google Business, helping your business stand out and attract more customers.


Combat Bad Reviews with Great

The only effective way to combat a bad review on Google is with a great review. Positive reviews from satisfied customers can significantly outweigh negative ones, helping to restore and even enhance your business's reputation. Encouraging happy customers to share their experiences is crucial in maintaining a strong online presence and credibility.


How Many Reviews Can I Get

With Spacr Card, every customer interaction becomes an opportunity to earn a five-star review. By making it easy for customers to leave positive feedback, small businesses can maximize their chances of boosting their Google ratings with each transaction or service provided.

How to Get Reviews for My Local Business

Ask for Reviews

Seems simple but 99% of businesses don't ask for their best customers to leave reviews. They just wait and hope that their happiest customers will seek out their google listing to leave a review. This non-proactive approach leads to hundreds or thousands of missed opportunities per year. By having Spacr Cards readily available you will be able to promote your business to your best customers virtually guaranteeing a 5-star review. 

Give Your People the Tools They Need

Business owners need to equip their customer-facing employees with the right tools to secure five-star reviews from customers. Providing Spacr Cards makes it effortless for employees to guide satisfied customers to leave positive feedback, enhancing the business's online reputation and driving more customer engagement.

What Businesses Need Spacr Cards?

All small businesses with a local presence need Spacr Cards, especially service businesses and restaurants. These businesses thrive on positive reviews to attract new customers and build trust within the community. Spacr Cards make it easy for satisfied customers to leave five-star reviews, boosting your online reputation and visibility.

Advanced Simple Tech

Simplify and speed up the review process with Spacr Cards. This advanced technology allows your employees to effortlessly direct satisfied customers to leave positive reviews with just a quick tap. Boost your online reputation and visibility quickly and easily with Spacr Cards.

Buy a Spacr Card Today and Start Getting Reviews Instantly!

  • How do I find my google review link?
    To easily locate your google review link follow these steps. Open your google profile app on a mobile device or go to on a computer. Sign in and select the correct business profile. Tap "Customers" the select "Review". Tap the share icon or the "Get More Reviews" Button. Copy the short URL.
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