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Your Downtown Office Awaits

Spacr Downtown Ocala Offices are designed perfectly for an individual or small team ready to maximize productivity, creativity and enjoy walking into the office everyday. Our private offices are perfect for those professionals looking to work in a collaborative community but with access to an enclosed space to call their own. 

Rates vary based on office size.

Memberships are variable term for your convenience

with no start-up fees, or deposits.

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How it Works:
  1. Book a Tour

    Come see the most exciting new office space in downtown Ocala.

  2. Book a tour here

  3. Pick your office or desk

    Choose the best spot for you, co-working space or private office.


Customizable Workspace

The Private Office option is an ideal flexible space solution for growing teams because it provides a sense of autonomy within the larger community. Teams can work on sensitive projects in the privacy of their enclosed spaces and take breaks in the community area. With a floor to ceiling glass wall that faces the community, private offices feel open but are insulated for sound and visual privacy on three sides. Our offices can accommodate one to ten member teams and are accessible 24/7.

Why a Private Office?

A private office provides several benefits such as increased focus, privacy, and control over the work environment. It allows for undisturbed concentration and helps reduce distractions, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.


Additionally, a private office can provide a professional image and create a sense of prestige and status, which can enhance credibility and credibility when meeting with clients or colleagues. 

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